In my middle

A solo performance created at Danswerkplaats Amsterdam (presently Dansmakers Amsterdam)

In my middle was a collaboration with designer Elle Kunnos de Voss, artist Jelena Popadic and composer Jurriaan Balhuizen. Together with cameraman Bert Oosterveld, Nicola Hepp made a dance film of the piece in 2002. The film was shown at the IMZ Dance Screen in Monaco in 2002, Il Coreografo Elettronico, Napoli and as an installation at Glass Art Society Conference at Arti et Amicitae in Amsterdam.

Premiere: Danswerkplaats, January 2001

Dance and Choreography: Nicola Hepp
Music: Jurriaan Balhuizen
Concept: Nicola Hepp and Elle Kunnos de Voss
Glass Objects: Jelena Popadic
Lights: Coco Verkade

In my middle – Film
Cinematography: Bert Oosterveld
Direction: Nicola Hepp
Editing: Bert Oosterveld and Nicola Hepp

Special thanks to Coco Verkade.