A dance piece by Nicola Hepp

A collaboration with video artist Nic Kemp, composer Jurriaan Balhuizen and designer Elle Kunnos de Voss. Continuum is a piece for two dancers separated by a large semi-transparent screen. Video images of them dancing together are projected on to the screen, whereas in the live performance they are unable to see, touch or dance with each other. The soundscape was mixed live and the costumes were made and designed by Elle Kunnos de Voss.

Premiere: Dansstationen Malmö, Sweden, April 2003

Dance: Rikke Baewert and Isabel Ollé Carpintero
Choreography and Direction: Nicola Hepp
Music: Jurriaan Balhuizen
Video: Nic Kemp
Costumes: Elle Kunnos de Voss
Lights: Rutger Platenburg

Special thanks to Marc Dahmen, Carolien Hermans/ Danslab, Cinema Theater de Liefde en Muiderpoort Theater.