Breathe by Nicola Hepp

A moment of seeing on the outside what exists on the inside. A brief glimpse into a troubled young woman’s mind. Panic and fear are overwhelming her, yet she finds it in herself to deal with her demons. </br\>

Breathe is part of an exploration into the fragility of the mind. It was inspired by reading about the myths of the Skogsrå – the Scandinavian counterpart to the Wilis – i.e. a female mythical entity living in the forest.


  • Screendance Festival Stockholm
  • Videodance Brazil
  • International Screendance Festival Freiburg
  • Mobile Dance Film Festival New York
  • Breaking8 Festival (Italy)

Celine Moza was awarded Best Actress (Super Short Category) at the Alternative Film Festival 2018.

The Woman: Celine Moza
Sound Design: Koen van Baal
Direction, Camera and Edit: Nicola Hepp

Thanks to Astrid & Harald de Groot, Jurriaan Balhuizen and Masja van Luijn.