A dance film by Nicola Hepp

Walk is about a man’s fear of the relentless aging process and how death catches up with us all. The video images used to create Walk were originally shot for ’23 I 73′, an installation/performance by Nicola Hepp, which she directed and choreographed in 2006. She worked with two dancers, separated in age by 50 years, one of them being her father. Her fascination with the aging body inspired her to take a new look at the video material, allowing it to converge into this film.

Premiere: Utah Dance Film Festival, April 2015.

Screenings in Europe, Canada, USA, and South America.

Dance: Aimar Perez Galí and Rolf Hepp
Cinematography: Chris Fawcett and Coordt Linke

Music: Anne Parlevliet
Direction, Choreography and Production: Nicola Hepp

Editing: Nicola Hepp and Coordt Linke

Post production: Bram Vleugel

Special thanks to Dance Unlimited and Amsterdam University of the Arts.