The Double

A dance film by Nicola Hepp

A man experiences an unsettling encounter with someone very much like himself.

The Double is about the anonymity of urban life and takes its inspiration from the notion of a ‘doppelgänger’, a double. Director Nicola Hepp was inspired by the writings of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Fernando Pessoa, Jorge Luis Borges and the ideas of Jean Paul Friedrich Richter.

The Double premiered on January 31st, 2016 at Tanzrauschen in Wuppertal Germany as part of the selection and was screened since in many dance film festivals in Europe, USA, South America, and Asia.

It won an award for Best Choreography at the 2016 Movimientos Urbanos Chile.

Dance: Terencio Douw, Gihan Koster
Choreography: Dalton Dangelo Jansen
Cinematography: Adnan Hasovic
Music: Anne Parlevliet
Direction and Editing: Nicola Hepp
Production: Stichting Nicola Hepp Dansproducties

Special thanks to Gerleen Balstra, Jens van Huizen, Nadine Wijshoff, Amsterdam University of the Arts.